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LPR Probe corrosion monitoring system

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ZK8800 Electrochemical (LPR) probe Corrosion Monitoring System
Electrochemical monitoring method is a method of measuring corrosion current density by combining linear polarization and weak polarization.

Technical Features:
·Measuring the corrosion rate of medium directly with no need for further corrosion accumulation;
·Applicable to electrolyte corrosion system;
·Most apply to circulating water system or express laboratory evaluation corrosion inhibitors;
·Many disturbances, such as organic medium mixed in the water which distributes the surface of the measurement element unevenly and leads to inaccurate measurement;

Typical items for the system
1.Electrochemical probe (LPR probe)
·Fixed (flange) probe
·Retractable probe
·High-pressure probe
2.Transmitter, data logger or transmitter/data logger
3.Data transfer unit
5.Access fitting/ Stuffing box
6.Connection cable
7.Junction box
8.Power & interface module
9.Special software/ corrosion management system