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Coupon corrosion monitoring system

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ZK4230 Two-Inch System Strip Coupon Holder

In hydrocarbon industry, coupon is the most common method to measure the corrosion rate for the internal corrosion monitoring. ZK4230 strip coupon holder is used to suspend coupons in the area to be monitored. With the use of the Zkwell access fitting, retriever and service valve, the strip coupon holder allows for easy, rapid changing of coupons without system shutdown. Strip coupon holders can be mounted to allow for monitoring at top, middle or bottom of line positions. Any material and length can be supplied on special order.

Technical specifications
·Maximum Operating Pressure: 24 MPa
·Maximum Operating Temperature: 260 ℃
·Material: 316 SS
·Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103

Coupon Holder Length

L=Coupon Holder Length
A=The distance from the upper flange to the upper surface of the pipe
B=Wall thickness of pipe
C=Internal diameter of pipe
D=Coupon Length
E=The distance from the bottom of the coupon to the bottom of the pipe

Order Information
> Model: ZK4230
> Order length:
·TOP OF lINE:L=A+B+115
·MLDDLE OF lINE:L=A+B+75+(C/2-D/2+30)
> Weight:Determined by the length of the coupon
> Accessories:corrosion insulation set (P/N 4230256)

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