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LPR Probe corrosion monitoring system

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Electrochemical transmitter

Model: ZK8800
Electrochemical transmitter is a data acquisition and storage unit of corrosion monitoring system, and is designed and developed according the advanced technical theories of polarization resistance and weak polarization. It can accurately measure the corrosion current density of the test sample in corrosion medium, and consequently calculate annual corrosion rate.

Technical parameters
Measurement range and precision of analog resistance Rp 20Ω~2MΩ
Measurement range of corrosion rate 1×10-4~2.5mm/a (with electrodes 20# and 4cm² in area)
Instruments working environment temperature -25℃~+50℃
Probe temperature measurement range 0~100℃
Errol range of temperature measurement ±0.5 ℃
Working voltage 12~36VDC
Power consumption of the instrument 0.6W
Assembling method Integrated with probe
Single measurement time 3 minutes
Explosion-proof Type Intrinsic safe, Flameproof
Data transmission method RS485/4-20mA