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LPR Probe corrosion monitoring system

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Electrochemical probe (LPR probe)

Electrochemical probe is a sensor unit of electrochemical corrosion monitoring system. We can provide you with proper probes applicable to various temperature, pressure and assembly-disassembly conditions according to various industrial environments. Electrochemical probes are classified into retractable and non-retractable types according to assembly-disassembly forms, and classified into high-temperature (pressure) and low-temperature (pressure) types according to applicable temperature and pressure.

Technical parameters
Applicable pressure Applicable pressure≤2.0MPa (refer to pressure capacity of flange sealing structure provided that the pressure capacity of the sample meets the requirements)
Measurement range of corrosion rate 1×10-4~2.5mm/a
Thickness of samples 4 cm2
Safe life of probe ≤4 years
Useful life of probe It is not more than 2 years when medium corrosion rate is 0.1mm/a
Probe length See details in Probe Assembling Diagram
Assembling method Available for assembling with pressure/not Available for assembling with pressure