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Shenyang Zkwell Corrosion Control Technology Co., Ltd. (ZKWELL) is a pioneer of corrosion monitoring technology in China. It is also an internationally advanced professional manufacturer of corrosion monitoring products as well as an efficient anticorrosion service provider of corrosion investigation, corrosion evaluation and other comprehensive anti-corrosion services. 

ZKWELL has been always dedicated to provide advanced corrosion monitoring technology, products and high quality anti-corrosion services to all customers for more than twenty years. ZKWELL takes providing innovative new technology for users as the driving source of enterprise sustainable development. Over 3000 sets ZKWELL corrosion monitoring products have been applied in different industries at the end of 2014, including oil and gas fields, refineries, petrochemical company and power plants. ZKWELL designed a series characteristic corrosion probes and corrosion monitoring systems to satisfy different processes and different users’ demands, which formed a comprehensive corrosion monitoring solutions. ZKWELL corrosion monitoring products have been widely used and well received and recognized by the user.