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Automatic cleaning and maintaining system for pH electrode

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Automatic cleaning and maintaining system for pH electrode

Due to the influence of H2S, pH electrode is easy to be polluted. The pollution influences the pH life and its measuring decision and also influences the application of control system. The development of pH electrode cleaned automatically solves the problem. Trough the program control, the device makes the pH electrode and medium separate non-leak to clean and maintain the pH electrode automatically. This function makes the pH electrode contact with the medium only when it needs to measure. After finishing the measurement, the pH electrode converts to the cleaning cavity to clean and maintain automatically to decrease the polluted time. For these reasons, it can prolong the electrode life and decrease the human maintenance.

Typical items
The device includes electrode access fitting, cleaning cavity, interface and O-ring, ect. The access fitting drives the electrode to convert between the cavity and the measured medium to on-line maintain the electrode.

Controller of system
Model: ZK6C80

Model: ZK6C81A/ ZK6C81B/ ZK6C81C

Technical Parameters

Instrument air 0.5MPa,To the control box throuthΦ6 stainless steel pipe or copper pipe
Condensed air interface Controller with CylindricalΦ6 interface
Electric Interface Controller:G3/4 thread
Cleaning water interface DN15PN2.5 RD HG20615
Outfall DN15PN2.5 RD HG20615
power DC18V~DC36V
Communicaiton method RS485
Ambient temperature -25℃~+70℃
Cleaning control method manual control,Soft manual control,Program control
size 738 x 883 x 286 mm
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