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Ultrasonic thickness measurement is an effective method to test the thickness of pipeline wall as well as an important means of corrosion off-line detection. Ultrasonic thickness measurement can monitor all kinds of pipes and pressure vessels of production equipment to check the corrosion and the thinning degree after abrasion. Zkwell has an experienced and professional service team of ultrasonic thickness measurement, which offers long-term services for many refineries, oil and gas fields and Petrochemical Companies. We will provide you with comprehensive services: 

1. When conducting on site thickness measurement, we apply special equipment for specific staff member so as to reduce the human error of measurement;  

2. Establishing the risk identification system of thickness data to provide timely warning of dangerous thinning parts; 

3. Making comprehensive professional analysis of the collected data, and combining the data with on-line corrosion monitoring data or the data of sample analysis to find out the reason of thinning; and provide reasonable suggestions and decision-making basis for equipment operation and maintenance.